AVT Premium Tea


AVT Premium Tea is a market leader in the 'Better Economy' segment in dust tea market in South India. It is clearly positioned on the platform of 'Strongest Tea & Consistency’. It has been the market leader for the past 3 decades and has 75% market share in the segment. Its lead market is Kerala & Tamil Nadu. Its building market leadership in Andhra Pradesh & Karnataka.


The brand has never, ever changed its brand identity. In fact, it is the only white pack in the strong tea segment, which is predominantly led by Red packs. Push Integrated was given the task of not just building the brand narrative in Andhra Pradesh, but also recommend a changed pack identity, without changing the design DNA. The reason being, the pack format in Andhra is Brick packs against the popular pouch packs in Kerala and Tamil Nadu. What Push faced was an ownership who was resisting change and a market that did not expect a change either.


This was an exhibition in design excellence that had the collective vote of approval from the entire board as well as the marketing team that have been with the brand for over 2 decades. As well as the approval from the man who was instrumental in development of the first cut design of the iconic AVT Premium original pack!


The pack gained tremendous acceptance in the Andhra market. What was endearing was the fact that existing users accepted the design change with open arms.


Creative Showcase