Dhanuka Agri Tech is the leading provider of crop protection solutions in India. With a plethora of products across categories like herbicides, pesticides and growth enhancers, each targeted at a specific crop and geography, Dhanuka is a partner to farmers helping them nourish and protect their crops. Dhanuka operates in a challenging market that populates the geographical labyrinth of the country tackling changing crops by the kilometre, changing climate by the hour, changing geology by the metre and changing 'crop threats and diseases' by the direction of travel. To retain market superiority and maintain a complex product portfolio that caters to a wide geography, climate and crops, Dhanuka has to be constantly ahead of the game. And they have been so for the past decade. Honesty and integrity fuel their business narrative. A happy farmer for them outweighs business gains. The reason why farmers endorse and support Dhanuka through the years.


While Dhanuka is the market leader in crop protection solutions, their market share is constantly eroded by multi-national brands like Dupont, making inroads. Their leadership position is further challenged by cheaper and inferior “Made in China” products. Over and above all these factors, the low awareness, illiteracy and lack of exposure of the common farmer are exploited by fake products that copy packaging design of Dhanuka and deceive farmers.

Dhanuka also had a challenge in their brand ambassador Mr. Amitabh Bachchan. Though loved and adored by the masses across India for the actor he is, the farmers felt an enormous disconnect with him as the brand ambassador of Dhanuka. When Mr. Bachchan portrayed the character of a farmer in their earlier communication, the farmers asked just one simple yet valid question: How can an actor know more about farming than us? And why should we believe what he says?


Starting with a massive field research, creative and account management teams from Push visited over 20 villages spread across 3 states covering a geographical area of over 750 sq.km. The interactions with the farming community, the distribution and retail network and being on-ground revealed insights about the language and local phrases to be used, the communication strategy that would work, and more importantly – using Mr. Bachchan in a way that would connect with the majority of the target audiences.

In a breakthrough idea, for the first time, a celebrity brand ambassador didn't even endorse the product in the commercial - to the point where Mr. Bachchan didn’t even touch the products advertised. Instead, we used Mr. Bachchan as just a facilitator who showed the right way for the farmers. The products were endorsed by Dhanuka’s own field advisors with whom the farmers interacted on a daily basis.


Push Integrated plotted the brand narrative around Mr. Bachchan's histrionic talent. For each product line, Mr. Bachchan played a character peripheral to the protagonist (Farmer), by taking him to a person of authority, who would explain the advantages of the product. So Mr. Bachchan played the Sutradhar, the friend, the pujari and many such interesting characters, helping the brand establish the product superiority over competition. This campaign went on to become the most talked about campaign within the farming community. In fact, it completely changed the farmers’ opinion of Mr. Bachchan, which was calcified due to his portrayal of a farmer in the previous campaigns.