Kalyan Jewellers, the fastest growing jewellery brand of India, had over 70+ showrooms spread across India around the time they launched in Dubai. Push Integrated, the agency which was instrumental in growing Kalyan Jewellers from a 2 store retail brand from Kerala into a 110+ showroom today, was assigned the massive task of launching the brand in the Middle East, starting with Dubai and Abu Dhabi.


Brand Kalyan Jewellers carved a niche for itself in whichever new market it entered. Thousands came to witness the event and shop on the opening day. The highlight of these openings were also about the superstar brand endorsers of Kalyan, who came to cut the ribbon of the stores.


The client expected Push to create the same fervour and magic and attract the Indian diaspora from the Middle East to the store on the launch day. One must understand that Middle East was not an easy market when it came to gold as it was filled with retail jewellery players of all sizes. There were half a dozen brands that had made its way into this region and successfully running the business.


After much thought, Push hit upon an idea that could not get any better or bigger. The idea was to create a dent in the market and to achieve that it had to do something different. And nothing could be more unique than launching 5 stores spread across the city of Dubai and 1 store in Abu Dhabi on the same day. These stores were to be opened by Kalyan Brand Ambassadors - Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Akineni Nagarjuna, Prabhu Ganesan and Manju Warrier. The client bought the idea and team Push got working on it. It was no longer a launch, but 6 launches on the same day. In the evening, all these stars will preside over a function for the crème d’la crème of Dubai, which will have Shankar Mahadevan in concert at a prominent venue.

Communications across all mediums was created with the same thought where all brand ambassadors were landing into Dubai and Abu Dhabi in interesting ways. This campaign happened over print, outdoor, television and radio. In short, Dubai was carpet bombed with the campaign. The campaign started building the desired buzz and soon, everyone in Dubai was only talking about the Kalyan Jewellers launch. Expectations and anticipation grew.


With surgical precision planning, starting from logistics, venue, security, invitation, permissions, stage, crowd control and more, all 6 stores were launched on the same day. On the day of the launch, all the brand endorsers went to the showrooms together. Dubai and Abu Dhabi had never seen such an event happen ever. Thousands of fans waiting hours before the stars arrived to witness the event were excited and were thrilled when the superstars interacted with them. The event was a massive success. It was imperative to make noise and make its presence felt right from the start. It did that well and the resonance of it is still being felt even to this day. Kalyan Jewellers immediately became the number 2 store in the region and continues to enjoy that position.