Malayala Manorama defines the media benchmark in Kerala, in terms of quality and calibre of news, Media pedigree, editorials that change societal outlook and points of view and most importantly, its unmatched readership. MMTV is the television foray of the media house, and in just a few years, it has come to challenge the leader brand. MMTV balances news content with entertainment, talk shows with reality TV, documentaries with research shows and programmes that appeal to a wide SEC spectrum and a wider age group.

MMTV views its corporate social responsibility as an extension of its commitment to bring in a positive change in society. Towards this, it has tied up with like-minded corporate partners, with Push Integrated leading the ideation group. KERALA CAN is an initiative intended to protect the society from the perils of cancer, through an effective outreach programme that includes the best cancer specialists with leading hospitals’ support, that takes out cancer screening and early detection drives into all segments of the society especially the fringe groups and BPL families. The conceptualisation and execution of this programme is a showcase of Push Integrated’s effective campaign initiatives that has brought in societal awakening, and reaching better health to communities across geographies. MMTV’s commitment to leverage and sustain programmes aimed at bettering the conditions of people is truly legendary.


KERALA CAN posed complex challenges for Push Integrated. The fact that this was not just an advertisement campaign, but a social cause that required effective deliveries and outcomes, presented Push Integrated with no option but to succeed. How do we reach out the message effectively? How do we design and operate medical camps to audit the society for cancer? How do we ensure maximum participation? How do we spread the message of positivity and hope? Does the campaign need a sharper edge by involving a trusted individual whom the society looks up to? How will our recommendation ensure victory for the drive? The fact is, winners operate best under stress. This separates the good players from champions.


The campaign had a pre-launch phase, a launch phase and a post-launch sustenance phase. In the pre-launch phase, we created an awareness based campaign aimed at creating a dialogue within the society. A dialogue that will slowly become a movement, and then a collective voice of the people. We roped in Manju Warrier, an actress of repute, a tenacious social activist, a leading dancer and a philanthropist to lead the drive. This campaign was juxtaposed with the societal outreach programmes and medical screening camps. The camps reached out to more than 4 lakh people and their health audit was documented. This became, perhaps, the largest drive in the country against the disease. Today, in 2016, the KERALA CAN initiative is into its successful second year. Multitudes of cancer patients in their early stages of the disease were detected and effective treatment given, saving families from potential loss of lives. The most effective message that went out was that cancer should not be feared. In fact, if we all join hands in this fight, we will come out the winner.


Approx. 4 lakh people screened in the first year.
Hundreds of cancer cases detected. Effective treatment deployed.
The stories of cancer survivors became the campaign lead in the second year.
The initiative was extremely successful in building an environment of positivity and hope.
Cancer is no longer a taboo subject. Society is coming forward to discuss it.
Most importantly, this campaign gave the people of the state, a confidence to fight the disease. And a belief that there is light at the end of the tunnel.


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