Meriiboy Ice Creams have come out of 3 brothers’ passion for ice creams. The best of ingredients, passionate investments in R&D and a desire to bring to its customers a brand that has all the purity inherent in milk and real fruits, describes the genesis of Meriiboy.

Meriiboy aims to be the only brand of ice creams in the country that boasts of fully natural ingredients. From natural flavour to natural colour to natural/ real fruits and pure milk. The ‘pristine purity’ of the brand is a result of its owners’ in-depth knowledge of the product and the category.

Meriiboy was placed under our tutorship for readying it for market leadership in the south, in the year 2012. Real competition is from regional giants like Lazza Ice Creams, and also from National players like Amul, Kwality Walls, Mother Dairy, Arun Ice Creams etc. These constitute the mid-range price points, and are segmented away from the niche category defined by Baskin Robbins etc.


How do we create a brand of repute and build affinity with an audience who grew up on the taste and availability of Lazza, Amul, Kwality Walls etc.? What in our manufacturing process or product definition can become our key differentiator? The marketing might of the competition and their presence in the market for decades, presents an ominous task ahead to run a profitable enterprise.


Success and reputation of others are not qualities that we should be intimidated by. In fact, creating a new product story/narrative will always get the attention of the consumer. And if we are committed to producing a great product, and are honest in delivering to the promise, we can take on anyone in the market.

Meriiboy’s commitment to producing 'natural' ice creams took our interest. That’s a great proposition for an indulgence product category. Indulgence categories operate under the guillotine of ‘Un-healthy’. But we do give into its temptation. But since youngsters and kids are its major consumers, there is always a guilt attached with having too much of the same or allowing kids to have more. This is where the 'natural' proposition comes into play for the brand.

But our challenge will be to package ‘natural’ in layers of taste and flavour.


We built the entire campaign around the proposition of ‘natural’. Natural flavour, colour, taste and real ingredients. The campaign stressed upon the drool factor whereby creating the crave, which is critical for an indulgence category. But the real difference was in creating the interpretation of ‘natural’.

We strategically used Manju Warrier, the highly respected Malayalam actress, who is known for her natural histrionics. When Manju represented and propagated the brand’s ‘natural’ proposition, the impact was compelling. People started questioning their current brand of choice. Are they also natural?

This resulted in competition changing their marketing strategy to counter this threat and loss of their market shares. It paved the way for aggressive and often ‘distasteful’ positions taken by an unsettled and threatened competition. Our 'natural' positioning and strategic use of the apt brand ambassador, hit hard on competition.


Year 1 of the campaign period:
27 Crores (From 11 crores, the previous year)
Year 2: ₹55 Crores
Year 3: ₹90 Crores
And this year, the brand is tipped to reach ₹150 Crores!


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