MVR Cancer Centre and Research Institute is a memorial cancer care and research facility that has come to existence through the Cooperative banking sector. It is envisaged to be one of the leading cancer care facilities not just in the country, but the world. The fact that it is funded by the Cooperative financial segment, would make it one of its kind in the world. World-class facilities, leading specialists, multiple specialities integrated as a cohesive unit, and research facilities that will challenge the existing norm will make this entity a true destination for cancer care across the globe. MVR Cancer Centre and Research Institute will make India take leadership position in cancer care and treatment.


The true objective of MVR Cancer Facility is to make world-class cancer care accessible to everyone, irrespective of their economic and social status. This is truly an egaliterian medical facility that has pledged to provide free treatment and care to 30% of its patients, based on their economic background. The challenge for us was to deliver this message, away from the typical FMCG & Service sector advertising. The value of life cannot be counted in greenbacks. Importantly, the hospital and research facility wanted to allay the fears of people when it came to cancer.


Push proposed a campaign aimed at building confidence within the community based on the vintage of the facility. Its superiority as well as overtly compassionate demeanor were coupled to build confidence within the community. The campaign presented the world-class medical facility in a manner that connected with the community. It did not focus on the cost per treatment but on the value of life and the commitment to fight cancer and bring a smile on people's faces. The campaign was not uni-dimensional. It took the form of medical camps, community outreach programmes and even the environment for treatment.