Group SH Global is a business conglomerate having varied business interests across Real Estate & Entertainment, Health Resorts & Spas, Ayurvedic Wellness Resorts and Yoga Centres. Group SH Global is a group that is destined to decode the Ayurveda legacy of Kerala to the world. While many brands and business houses have ventured in this segment, they have only experienced limited success. Group SH Global is dedicated to their mission of introducing the world to the therapeutic and wellness potential of traditional Ayurveda. This business conglomerate has built its marketing vocabulary, aimed at changing the wellness beliefs of the world.


The challenge posed by this business is for us to create a world which marries the authentic traditional values of Ayurveda and the modern cues that would appeal to the world of today. The business sees the world as its market and not just India. Hence the codes of the business in terms of identity, physique, language and demeanor have to be calibrated accordingly. Our objective is to create a global brand of repute, with the heart of a traditional business enterprise. How to modernise without losing its native soul?

Apart from this, was the challenge to build business transformation for the conglomerate. Our Strategic wing took over the challenge to engineer this transformation right from the brand’s identity to its vocabulary, code, style, manner and communication grammar.


Group SH Global is poised to take the brand to alien geographies across the globe. It is on its path to unlock its full potential. This is a truly transformational business challenge that we have undertaken, poised to be a case study for other businesses with similar dreams.


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